h Szechwan Lodge #4 - Famous Freemasons

Famous Freemasons

The following is a short list of well-known Freemasons. Whether or not history remembers them as “famous,” thousands of unnamed Masons have gone on to achieve great things for themselves and their families, society, and their Lodges.

Aldrin, Edwin E. Buzz - Astronaut

Bartholdi, Frederic A. - Designed the
Statue of Liberty

Armstrong, Neil - Astronaut

Autry, Gene - Actor

Baylor, Robert E. B. - Founder of Baylor University

Beard, Daniel Carter - Founded of the
Sons of Daniel Boone

Bell, Lawrence – Founder of Bell Aircraft Corp

Bellamy, Ralph - Wrote U.S. Pledge of Allegiance

Berlin, Irving – Entertainer

Bolivar, Simon - South American Revolutionary, President of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia

Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln - Father and Son who carved Mt. Rushmore

Borgnine, Ernest - Actor

Byrd, Admiral Richard E. - Flew over North Pole

Chiang, Wei-Kuo (Wego) - Military Leader and Political Figure of the R.O.C.

Churchill, Sir Winston - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Clark, William - Explorer

Clemens, Samuel L. (a.k.a. Mark Twain) - Writer

Cobb, Ty - Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Colt, Samuel - Firearms Inventor

Combs, Earle Bryan - Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Doolittle, General James - Famous U.S. Air Force Pilot

Doyle, Sir Author Conan - Writer: Sherlock Holmes

Fields, W.C. - Actor

Fitch, John - Inventor of the Steamboat

Fleming, Sir Alexander - Invented Penicillin

Ford, Henry - Found of Ford Motor Company

Gable, Clark - Actor

George VI, King - King of England during W.W. II

Gibbon, Edward - Writer: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Gillett, King C. - Founder of Gillett Company

Glenn, John H. - Astronaut

Godfrey, Arthur - Actor

Grissom, Virgil - Astronaut

Hardy, Oliver - Actor, Comedian

Hoban, James - Architect for the U.S. Capital

Hoover, J. Edgar - Director of the FBI

Houdini, Harry - Magician

Jenner, Edward - Physician, Scientist, Inventor of the First Vaccine

Key, Francis Scott - Wrote U.S. National Anthem

Kipling, Rudyard - Writer

Lake, Simon - Built first submarine successful in open sea.

Land, Frank S. - Founder Order of DeMolay

Lindbergh, Charles - Aviator

Lipton, Sir Thomas - Founder of Lipton Tea

MacArthur, General Douglas - Commander of Armed Forces in Philippines

Mayo, Dr. William and Charles - Began Mayo Clinic

Maytag, Fredrick - Founder of the Maytag Corporation

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Composer

Naismith, James - Inventor of Basketball

New, Harry S. - US Postmaster General who established Airmail

Palmer, Arnold - Professional Golfer

Peale, Norman Vincent - Founder of “Guidepost”

Penny, James C. - Found of J.C. Penny Retail Chain

Pullman, George - Built first sleeping car on train.

Revere, Paul - Famous American Patriot

Rogers, Will - Actor

Caballero, Bernardino - President of Paraguay

Sarnoff, David - Father of T.V.

Scott, Sir Walter - Writer

Shakespeare, William - Writer

Skelton, Red - Entertainer

Stanford, Leland - Tycoon, Industrialist, & Founder of Stanford University

Stewart, Potter -
Supreme Court Justice

Stratton, Charles “Tom Thumb” - Entertainer

Wallace, Lewis –
Writer: Ben Hur

Warner, Jack - President Warner Brothers Studios

Wayne, John - Actor

Wyler, William - Director: Ben Hur

8 Signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (Including John Hancock)
13 Signers of the Constitution of the U.S. (Including Benjamin Franklin – Inventor, Scientist, and Statesman)
14 U.S. Presidents